• Volunteering reduces stress. The shift of focus from your problems to something else can give a bigger and better meaning to your life. Nothing really beats that!
  • Together, we can make a great environmental and economic impact!
  • I’ll be honest. Volunteering feels good. Giving back to others and seeing the smiles on their faces is a feeling unmatched by anything else you can imagine. Giving back is what we’re called to do.
  • I Love to bake and baking for these events is what I love to do.   I do wish to continue and thank you for giving me the opportunity!!!
  • I assisted preparing, serving, and cleaning up meals for the homeless in St. Louis City.  It was a very positive experience for me, because I do enjoy helping others less fortunate, and they are so appreciative.  This event makes me realize how fortunate I am to have food and shelter.  Volunteers do this several nights each week and the whole process was very organized.  I showed up and was put to work.
  • I am fortunate that I have a job where I am helping to serve young women on their journey to improving their mental health as they heal from trauma.  While my job is very fulfilling overtime I had a yearning for wanting to serve in other areas of our community.  Last year I experienced a loss that made me re-evaluate so many parts of my life.  It drew me to look at ways to fill a void, and I discovered that helping others was incredibly healing.  I also wanted my children to experience giving to others so began including them and their friends in our service.  It has been a bonding experience for all.  It has improved my kids self-esteem as they believe they have also helped their friends to see the value in service. Thank you for helping us to serve.  Your spirit is contagious:)
  • I enjoyed joining others to help prepare and serve a meal to people in the community.  It’s also enjoyable to talk with the people you are serving.  Keep up the good work Diane!!